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Community/Emergency Ridge Radio Stations

Tree Following is text from the first broadcast of the Town of Paradise Community and Emergency Information radio station. Tune to 1500 on your radio dial for local community and emergency information. Transmitter is centrally located for optimum coverage of Paradise.

"Welcome to the Town of Paradise community and emergency information radio station which is 1500 on your AM dial. Our town's new radio station will broadcast to Paradise residents the latest news on our town including local weather and road advisories, information about upcoming town and government meetings, public service announcements, updates on public works projects, upcoming community events, and provides updates during times of local emergencies."

"This new radio station represents yet another continuing effort by the Town of Paradise to better inform its citizens. If you are a nonprofit organization located within the Town of Paradise and would like to have a public service announcement about an upcoming event or activity broadcast over this station, please contact Karen Hamilton in the town manager's office at 872-6291."

The Upper Ridge area, Paradise Pines, has its own station. This radio station on 1460 AM broadcasts Upper Ridge Emergency Information and Local Area Events. It runs 10 watts and is received well in the Pines area. Information, contact the Paradise Pine Owners Association at 873-1114.

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