Paradise Ridge Communities -      Fire Safety Zones

  Emergency Safety Fire Zone Locations

Tree The area Wildland Fire Evacuation Plan has defined Safety Zone Locations for the Paradise Ridge. Due to location of the fire, not all of these locations will be available.

For the Upper Ridge area:

  • Cedarwood School, off Columbine or Steiffer Roads. Room for 70 cars, 280 people.
  • Pines Elementary/Mt. View Middle School, off Compton Road or West Park Drive. Room for 125 cars, 500 people.
  • Holiday Market Parking Lot, on Lakeridge Circle. Room for 100 cars, 200 people. No facilities.
  • Old Magalia Community Church, 13700 Old Skyway. Room for 200 cars, 100 people.

For the Town of Paradise area:

  • CMA Church, 6491 Clark Road. Room for 475 cars, 300 people.
  • Seventh Day Adventist Church/School, Academy Drive off Pearson. Room for 400 cars, 150 people.
  • Paradise Auditorium/Senior Center, Nunneley Road off Clark. Room for 216 cars, 125 people.
  • Tall Pines Entertainment Center, 5445 Clark Road south of Pearson. Room for 150 cars, 500 people.

The HARS (Highway Advisory Radio System) for the Town of Paradise operates on the frequency of 1500 AM. Due power and area terain it may not be heard in some areas. HARS is designed to provide current information during emergencies. It will broadcast community service messages on a daily basis.

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