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Paradise Ridge Quiz

Answers to questions can be found in the OnTheRidge.com web pages. Your objective is to answer 7 questions correctly (in order to advance to the next level). JavaScript is required! We hope you enjoy taking our little quiz.

1. What is the name of the longest road on the Ridge?

Clark Road
Neal Road
Pentz Road

2. This acter from M*A*S*H is an artist and lives on the Ridge.

Col. Potter

3. The largest gold nugget find was here in 1859.


4. The gold nugget found above weighed this much?

54 lbs
37 lbs
14 lbs
25 lbs

5. What is the name of the hospital in Paradise?

Clark Community
Paradise General
Feather River
Ridge Community

6. The three major access roads to the Paradise Ridge?

Skyway, Clark, and Honey Run
Skyway, Clark, and Pentz
Skyway, Neal, and Pentz
Skyway, Neal, and Clark

7. This annual celebration dates back to 1880.

Johnny Appleseed Day
Gold Nugget Days
Day of Living History
Dogtown Faire

8. Who is the current Mayor of Paradise?

Alice Smith
Steve Lambert
Dan Wentland
Chuck Rough

9. The nickname Jewel of the Foothills belongs to the:

Magalia Depot
Theater on the Ridge
Gold Nugget Museum
Paradise Auditorium

10. The Paradise Post newspaper is published when?

On Tuesdays


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