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© Allene Marie Chabala, Dogtown Village USA

If you're tired of never knowing if your skies are really blue
    and stars you search for high at night do not look back at you;
If the yearning is a burning, wanting freshness of the green,
    and breathing is a pleasure finding air so pure and clean...
To wish you could recapture all the feelings as a child
   flung out prone upon the earth, untamed and yet not wild;
Where blades of grass then touched you knew a sense of feeling kin,
   and you wished the clover growing gave its secrets held within.
Do you want familiar feelings once again within your heart?
Do you want to feel at one with it - not play spectators part?
Ah yes, dear folks, a special kind of people are allowed
   in places like our Paradise, where Nature has endowed
   a touch of all four seasons, but so gently they are felt!
Like Winter just a promise of the snow that soon will melt...
   and Summer keeps a greenness with the Ponderosa tall;
   while Dogwood winks its blossoms white in tempting Nature's call;
In Spring the flowers burst in flares like July the Fourth in show,
   to greet you with their gift of life -
   they shout to let you know...!
That Paradise is right on par with blue skies up above
   and here the final lesson learned is recognizing love.
A shedding of the city web with its facade to fool the senses;
   giving special people one more chance to free from fences..
There's a feeling just to merge again with quiet ways of life
   the last of all the simple folks who want no city strife;
Absorbing all of Nature's love which bring us so much nearer;
   and in sharing this we soon discover, "now" is so much dearer.
To feel at one with all of it, with all that Nature grows;
   we reach out for another's hand for somehow this we know;
   love has many facets that are lost within the trying,
   to run the race that has no place if happiness means buying...
So visit Paradise my friend and if you're one of us,
   You'll leave the hustle far behind with all its fuss and muss;
To join us here in Paradise, but remember that it's dear,
   so treat it like a Special Place, for Special Folks are here!

                   -- Allene Marie Chabala, Dogtown Village USA

Allene is a local Writer and Artist.
See her Arts and Crafts at Dogtown Village USA, 13800-A Skyway
Poem used with permission. Thank you Allene!

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