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Upper Ridge Area

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Magalia Welcome Sign - located just prior to crossing the Magalia Dam, placed there in 2000.
The West Branch - view from the vista point on Coutolenc Road looking down at the West Branch of the Feather River and Whiskey Flats mining area.
Sawmill Peak - a prominent Ridge peak rising 3,330 feet. View from Old Magalia. Site of CDF fire lookout station.
Paradise Lake - surrounded by tall pines, Paradise Lake offers boating, picnicking, and fishing.
Magalia Reservoir - pictureque lake along side the Skyway, fed from Paradise Lake which provides water for Paradise.
Paradise Irrigation Plant - view towards Paradise from Magalia Reservoir, the Skyway crossing the Magalia Dam, Paradise Irrigation Plant, and Sawmill Peak.
Magalia Community Church - historic church in Old Magalia. Open to visit during many local area events.
Magalia Depot Inn - overlooking Magalia Reservoir. An old train depot, since 1977 it has served as a restaurant. Front view of the depot.
Dogtown Village - Next to the Magalia Depot Inn, Dogtown Village is an Arts and Crafts boutique.
The Tall Pines - one of thousands of tall pines on the Paradise Ridge. Imagine a tree like this in the middle of your deck!
Magalia Post Office - On Skyway, intersection of Ponderosa and Lakeridge Circle. Previous post office was located in Old Magalia.
Del Oro Water Headquarters - On Lakeridge Court, providing water for Paradise Pines area. Tall building located in rear of Butte County Fire Station 33, with large water tank and cellular tower.
Clubhouse & Recreation Hall - Paradise Pines Property Owners Association (POA) Recreation Village. Adminstration, club and meetings facilities, tennis courts, swimming pool.
DeSabla Lake - popular fishing lake along Skyway maintained by PG&E. Ducks to feed.
Lovelock Inn - Located near the site of the old Lovelock Hotel. Lunch and dinner. Live music.

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