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Butte County Gold Mines
Mines and Production

Ridge Gold Areas

Butte County produced nearly $200,000,000.00 in gold. There were some 57,000 miners working claims at one time in 1850. Even today some gold is being discovered. The Magalia Ridge gold areas and amount produced, include:

  • Big Butte Creek, $15,000,000.00
  • Magalia Channel, $6,400,000.00
  • Portuguese Point, $2,000,000.00
  • Pershbaker Channel, $1,250,000.00
  • Indian Springs, $1,000,000.00
  • Willard Mine, $1,000,000.00 (54-lb nugget found here)
  • Emma Mine, $500,000.00
  • Mineral Slide, $500,000.00
  • Eureka Mine, $300,000.00
  • Index Mine, $300,000.00
  • Samoan Channel, $300,000.00
  • Bader Channel, $250,000.00
  • Kelly Hill, $250,000.00
  • Nimshew, $200,000.00

Inskip was an active mining area with the Bluebird, Cain, Excelsior, Fitzpatrick, Inskip, Lost Treasure, Midas, Rawhide, Walker, and Wild Yankee mines. The area northeast of Inskip were the million dollar Georgia Slide mine, Jones mine, Snow mine, Butte Queen, Carr, Skyhigh and Westcott mines.

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[Fisher Research Laboratory]
Since 1931, World's Oldest and Proudest Name in Metal Detectors

A fun tool to have along on your adventures in search of gold and other treasures is a metal detector. Fisher World Treasure News for interesting stories, news, photos, and tips. Published every now and then, you can read it online (no pictures) or request a free copy.

From Volume 5, Issue 2 1996-1997: Places where you can and cannot use your metal detector.

  • National Forest and Federal Lands -- Metal detecting is allowed only by special permit acquired from the federal government. Each area has a district office.

  • Corps of Engineers, Lakes, Shorelines, and Lands -- Persmission heen granted only on pre-disturbed sites, such as beaches and attached swimming areas. New Corps lakes and lands must be okayed by the main office of the Army Corps of Engineers. Each area has a district office.

  • State Parks and Lands -- Some State Parks are open to metal detecting, but some are not. Always check with the park ranger before attempting to use your detector.

  • Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Lands -- Some areas are open for metal detecting, and some are not. Always check with the district office.

  • City or County Park Lands -- Most are open to metal detecting unless notice is given by a sign or city ordinance. When in doubt, always check with the city's Parks and Recreation Department.

  • Public School Grounds -- Most are open to metal detecting unless notice is given by a sign, city ordinance, law enforcement official, or school employee. You should always check with the school office first.

  • Privately owned Lands (Private Property) -- Permission required. And it is always best to have the permission in writing.

  • Historically Marked Lands or Sites -- Metal detecting is not allowed. Don't even think about it.

Permission is always the best way. Learn proper digging techniques and teach them to others whenever you can. Pick up trash as you search and cover your holes so that the next detectorist won't find the area closed to metal detectors.

Gold Seeking Supplies

For gold and treasure hunting information and supplies on the Ridge, check in with Gold Seekers, 597 Pearson Road, (530) 872-3783, and Paradise Coin & Gift Shop, 6848 Skyway (Holiday Plaza), (530) 872-3363.

Unique maps covering gold areas of Butte County are available from

Big Ten Gold Maps
Big Ten Gold Maps

Mines and Locations

Mines in Butte County as listed in the U.S. Geological Survey GNIS Database. This is not, however, all mines in Butte County. For example, GNIS does not list the Last Chance Mine in Magalia where a 12-hour rescue took place in 1994.

    Banner Mine             393305N  1213102W  Oroville
    Big Bend Mine           394122N  1212558W  Berry Creek
    Black Diamond Mine      395345N  1213657W  Stirling City
    Bloomingdale Mine       393555N  1213141W  Oroville
    Blue Lead Mine          392425N  1212638W  Bangor
    Buffalo Mine            393524N  1213143W  Oroville
    Bumblebee Mine          393351N  1213131W  Oroville
    Bunker Hill Mine        394143N  1212756W  Berry Creek
    Carlyle Mine            393239N  1211615W  Forbestown
    Carlysle Mine           393242N  1211610W  Forbestown
    Carr Mine               400152N  1212518W  Jonesville
    Central Pacific Mine    392842N  1211901W  Rackerby
    Cherokee Placer Mine    393826N  1213246W  Cherokee
    Cory Mine               395102N  1213508W  Paradise East
    Denver Mine             393230N  1211755W  Forbestown
    Denver Mine             393204N  1211834W  Forbestown
    Dix Mine                395523N  1213700W  Stirling City
    Emma Mine               395108N  1213717W  Paradise East
    Evening Star Mine       394131N  1212603W  Berry Creek
    Genil Mine              394923N  1213411W  Paradise East
    Hornet Mine             394443N  1212602W  Berry Creek
    Horseshoe Mine          394450N  1211515W  Brush Creek
    Indian Spring Mine      395221N  1213732W  Paradise West
    Madre de Oro Mine       394511N  1213313W  Paradise East
    Magalia Mine            395038N  1213516W  Paradise East
    Midas Mine              393230N  1211835W  Forbestown
    Monte de Oro Mine       393323N  1213132W  Oroville
    New Era Mine            394158N  1213502W  Cherokee
    Old Utah Mine           395015N  1213237W  Paradise East
    Orofino Mine            395214N  1213713W  Paradise East
    Phoenix Mine            392827N  1212442W  Bangor
    Rock River Mine         393632N  1213133W  Oroville
    Royal Drift Mine        395432N  1213725W  Stirling City
    Silver Crescent Mine    394805N  1212129W  Soapstone Hill
    Sky High Mine           400050N  1212700W  Jonesville
    Soapstone Mine          394851N  1212007W  Soapstone Hill
    South Banner Mine       393245N  1213111W  Oroville
    Southern Cross Mine     393248N  1211856W  Forbestown
    Standard Mine           393534N  1213146W  Oroville
    Steifer Mine            395102N  1213520W  Paradise East
    Surcease Mine           394123N  1212754W  Berry Creek
    Treasure Hill Mine      394217N  1212554W  Berry Creek
    Triumph Mine            393501N  1211020W  Clipper Mills

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