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If You Love Us ... Link To Us!

We are always appreciative of the many folks who have provided a link to on their web page. Have you?

Now you can link to your favorite hometown area, the Paradise Ridge, with a special designed banner you can save and use on your web page.

Use this HTML code entering the name of the banner graphic you wish to use in place of 'banner.gif' and enter the correct width and height.

<a href=""><img src="banner.gif" border=0 width=xxx height=xxx alt="Click to visit Paradise, California"></a>

If you do not wish to use a graphic link, the following text link is suggested:

<a href="">My Hometown of Paradise, California</a>

... or whatever link text you want to use that best fits how you are using the link. Please be sure to tell us if you do provide a link and the web page address where you placed it.

Here are the graphic banners you can save to use. They are all animated. Just right-click your mouse on an image and select save from menu.

visitus.gif - 250 x 200

visitp.gif - 468 x 60

comingin.gif - 120 x 100

visitprc.gif - 468 x 60

onetobe.gif - 468 x 60

cometop.gif - 468 x 60

hometown.gif - 468 x 20

onewrp.gif - 468 x 60

visitits.gif - 468 x 60

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