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Sierra Tech Computers:
Sierra Tech Computers, residents of the Paradise Ridge, created and maintain this online resource as a personal endeavor to share information about Paradise and Ridge Communities. contains an enormous time consuming effort representing a compilation of work. Contributions of information welcomed and encouraged.

Sierra Tech Computers has no affiliation whatsoever with any city body, organization or entity and any such implication is expressly disclaimed.

Permission to use any part of will usually be granted. You must include a return link ( to Simply email us stating what information you want to use and the URL of the web page where it will be used. The web page will be reviewed before permission is or is not granted. Permission is granted if you wish to only place a return link. You are encouraged to do so, and please let us know.

Any business, service or product listed does not constitute an endorsement. All data is based on information believed to be correct and reliable, but the accuracy or completeness thereof is not guaranteed, nor is Sierra Tech Computers responsible for content of external pages linked from or the server that provides them. The Netuser assumes all risks and liability for access and information used.

Due to the nature and content of these pages they are subject to change without notice. Since historical information has been gleaned from other persons and various publications, no attempt is made to verify accuracy.


Many valuable sources and materials were used for the creation of website. Without them much of the information in these pages would not have been possible.

With a hearty thank you, credit goes to these sources and materials:

  • Gold Nugget Museum
  • Paradise Genealogical Society
  • Paradise Historical Society
  • Paradise Pines Owners Association
  • Paradise Post
  • Paradise Recreation & Parks
  • Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce
  • Stirling City Historical Society
  • Stirling City Hotel

  • California Historical Landmarks, California Dept. of Parks & Recreation
  • Gold Districts of California, California Division of Mines & Geology
  • Historic Spots in California, Kyle, Stanford University Press
  • History of Butte County, Joseph F. McGie

  • And the many friendly folks and businesses of the Paradise Ridge with whom we have come in contact with, who provided their input of information, comments and suggestions, and overall support.

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