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Inskip was developed by P.M. Kelly along a stage coach route in 1857. Within a year many miners and businesses were attracted to area and Inskip began to flourish. Today, only the haunted Inskip Hotel and a few smaller buildings remain.

It was the Kelly & Company Hotel in 1866 when it was purchased by John Stokes who and renamed it Stokes Hotel. John moved his family to Inskip where it was home for more than 65 years. The hotel was destroyed by fire in 1868 and rebuilt. It was probably then that it was renamed Inskip. Legend says the fire was arson and that a resident ghost named Charlie is still looking for the arsonist. It has operated almost continuously as a hotel. Bob and Kathy (deceased) Duffey were the owners from 1968 through 2002 when it was finally sold. As a result of an earlier estate sale, many of the historic fixtures were sold. The new owners are Norm and Bev Jewett.

The hotel has been renamed the In Skipp Inn & Bar and is currently being refurbished. It is expected to reopen in late 2003, early 2004, for weary travelers ending up in Inskip.

The building, in May 1975, was approved and listed in the National Register of Historical Places.

Charlie Stokes
"Charlie" Stokes

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