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Nature & Hiking Trails

Hiker The Ridge area is blessed with a variety of hiking and nature trails. Remember, these are no smoking areas. Leave nothing, take nothing, obey all posted warning signs. And, whether alone or with someone, always let someone know where you are going and when to expect your return. Have a cellular telephone? For your safety, take it along.

Bille Park Nature Trail
Located on Bille Road, one mile west of Skyway. Bille Park dates back to 1907 when it was an olive and grape orchard. It has a rich history following several sales until 1966 when the property was purchased by the Paradise Recreation and Park District. Indian artifacts and dwelling caves were discovered at the site. The trail is .4 miles, one way. Sections of the trail to the canyon overlook are unimproved. Be safe, use caution.

Paradise Memorial Trail Way
This trail is an old railroad right of way which goes the length of Paradise. It is approximately 4 miles, one way. Starting at the Skyway and Roe Road, it takes an easy uphill climb to Skyway and Clark Road. The section between Fir Street and Rocky Lane is paved, about 2 1/2 miles. Bicycles are allowed, and there is cross traffic at various locations where the trail crosses major streets.

Fitness Improvement Trail
The Feather River Hospital Fitness Improvement Trail begins across the parking lot of the Health Center. It is a 1.6 mile course with 14 exercise stations. From Skyway, take Pearson Road, crossing Clark Road, to Pentz Road. About 3 miles. Turn left on Pentz Road to the hospital.

Aquatic Scenic Trail
Being planned, a 900-foot scenic trail connecting Aquatic Park to the Gold Nuggett Museum.

Paradise Lake Trail
A hiking trail which runs east around the lake to North Lake Road. Paradise lake is 3 miles east of Skyway. From the Skyway, at the signal light in Magalia, take Coulotenc Road to Lucretia Road.

Coutolenc Park
About 2 miles on Coutolenc Road off Skyway at the light in Magalia. The park is an unimproved area covering 320 acres. Several trails go down into the West Branch river canyon and to Hidden Falls. Take the dirt road marked with sign for Paradise Bow Hunters. Park near the archery range, area known as Black Oak Flats and take trail to Hidden Falls.

Butte Creek Trail
Trail begins from Humbug Road on the south to De Sabla Powerhouse Road, north.

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