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Roads to the Ridge

It is said that "all roads lead to Paradise" ...

Each route to the Paradise Ridge offers its own breathtaking scenic views of mountains, canyons, wildflowers, tall pine trees, lakes and rivers, all of which add to the natural beauty of Paradise and Ridge communities.

Drive alert! Stop only where it is safe to do so. If you venture off road, you're responsible for informing yourself of the hazards and taking the necessary precautions when doing so.

State Route 99 into Butte County traverses north and south through central California. Interstate 5 eventually replaced this route for major travelers. Neal Road and The Skyway branch off Route 99 at Chico into the heart of Paradise.

State Route 70
State Route 70 comes into Butte County from Marysville and continues to wind its way through the famed Feather River Canyon to Quincy. Just north of Oroville are 2 routes, Highway 191 and Pentz Road which take you into Paradise.

Highway 191 === Clark Road
County Highway 191 branches off SR 70 and brings you into the heart of Paradise where it becomes Clark Road. Clark Road ends at the Skyway. Before coming up the hill you will pass by Butte Community College nestled in the hills on your left. Take a drive through the campus. Turn left at the 4-way stop which will be Durham-Pentz road and go about 1 mile to the college entrance. Butte Campus Drive will bring you back to Highway 191, turn left to continue your drive to Paradise.

Area Map The Skyway
Starting at SR 99 south of Chico, the Skyway is a four-lane highway to the tall pines of the Paradise Ridge. It winds its way up into and beyond Paradise. The divided Skyway ends entering Paradise becoming 2-lanes through most of the town. Skyway continues up the picturesque ridge through the communities of Magalia, Paradise Pines, Nimshew, De Sabla, Lovelock, Stirling City and Inskip where it ends becoming a maintained graveled road to Butte Meadows. Enjoy more coverage of sights to see along Skyway with the Skyway Experience.

The drive up from Chico provides a great view of Butte Creek Canyon. Half-way up is Lookout Point where you can stop for some magnificent views of the canyon. Safety alert: Be very careful here. Fire and Search & Rescue personnel have been called to many over the edge situations every year involding people and vehicles, whose lives end in death.

Those water bottles you may see along side the roadway ... they are used by motorists with overheated engines.

Leaving Paradise to Chico via the Skyway you can experience an excellent view again of Butte Canyon, of Chico and the valley.

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