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Ridge Fire Information

Please - Be Fire Safe!

Hot Fire Observe ALL WARNINGS posted throughout the Paradise Ridge about fires and smoking. Under no circumstances start a camp fire, unless you are in a designated area to do so, and then it may not be permitted due to imposed fire restrictions. Fire restrictions are usually in force between June and October.

Tree Have questions? Visit the Paradise Fire Station at 767 Birch Street, (530) 872-6264. In the Upper Ridge araa, Butte County Fire Station 33 on the Skyway in Magalia, just past the Post Office, (530) 872-6323. The Department of Forestry & Fire Protection, Butte Fire Center is located at 6640 Steiffer Road, Magalia, (530) 873-0330.

Tree Butte County is enforcing Burn Day Regulations. During burn season call (530) 896-2537 to see if it is a burn day. Burn permits are still required and obtainable at any manned fire station. For questions on burn day status and related information, contact the Air Quality Management District at (530) 891-2882.

Tree We treasure the trees around our homes. Burn them, you have burned us! Please be FIRE SAFE! It cannot be stressed enough. Smokey Bear is counting on you, too! Always remember ...

"Only WE Can PREVENT Forest Fires!"

[Smokey's Lookout]

Helping spread the word "only you can prevent forest fires" about our beautiful Paradise Ridge is our friend Smokey Bear, who has already celebrated his 50th Anniversary. Click on Smokey to learn more him.

Also visit with Smokey Bear at the Smokey Bear Website.

Wildland Fires
The October 2001 wildland fire in the Jarbo Gap area of Feather River Canyon threaten over 100 homes. This fire was near the September 2001 disastrous Poe Fire.

Click here for the Poe Fire Incident Report) which burned over 8000 acres and 36 structures, and here for the Jarbo Gap Incident Report.

Emergency Safety Information
The area Wildland Fire Evacuation Plan defines temporary holding areas for small groups of people that provide a safe haven until shelter locations can be established. Not all safety zones may be available due location of the fire. Click here for the Safety Zone Locations for the Paradise Ridge, including information on the area HARS (Highway Advisory Radio System).

For Your Information
The Butte County Fire Department's Emergency Command Center (ECC) located in Oroville is the command and control point for all incidents requiring a fire/rescue response in Butte County including the Cities of Oroville, Gridley, Biggs, and the El Medio Fire Protection District.

If you own a scanner, keeping tabs on fire conditions by monitoring CDF/Butte County Fire. Primary net frequency is 151.400. Paradise Fire frequency is 153.950.

To learn more about the Butte County Fire Department, stations and facilities, news releases, fire statistics and much more, visit the their new website.

[Arson Hotline]

VIP (Volunteers in Prevention) volunteers are posting "Fire Starters are Stinkers" signs in the areas of recent arson fires. The sign gives the CDF's 1-800 Arson Reporting Hotline number. This number is (800) 468-4408. There is a $10,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction of an arsonist. Be alert for careless citizens.

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