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The Skyway Gateway Project has become a controversial topic of Ridge residents over the past several months, and likely will continue. The project is planned to be developed west of the Town of Paradise in the area below the Skyway Crossroad. Since this is a project of great significance to the Ridge communities, is providing this information for the proposed shopping and recreation center.

We thank Chad Wemple of Tuscan Ridge Winery for permission to provide the following Questions & Answers for the proposed project.

Questions & Answers

Q. How many acres will be turned into a vineyard and a park with nature trails?
A. There will be approximately 20 acres available for use as vineyards. All of the park and nature trails will be open for public use and enjoyment.

Q. What will the buildings look like? Like the Chico Mall buildings?
A. No. They will be designed with wood and stone exteriors to bring out the old gold mining heritage of Paradise.

Q. Who will occupy the large buildings?
A. No large tenant has committed to the project at this time. The large building area on the plan will likely become two, or three different stores. Intense marketing of the "retail" portions of the project will not occur until we are further into the governmental approval process. At this point in time, we don't really know what we will be allowed to develop. We intend to contact an array of possible and/or stores such as Raleys and other supermarkets, Trader Joe's, large book, clothing, consumer electronics, toy, computer, home improvement, furniture, specialty, merchandise, sporting goods stores, and discount department stores.

Q. How will this affect our local economy?
A. A full economic impact analysis on the project will be done by an independent professional engaged by the Town of Paradise as part of the annexation process. We expect that it will demonstrate that for the first time Paradise will not only retain its tax base, it will also create a new one by becoming a destination attraction for out-of-Towners seeking antiques, jewelery, clothing and fine restaurants. In addition, we hope to have our own luxury spa hotel that will be capable of hosting weddings and conventions. Next-door will be the Tuscan Ridge Winery, our Town's own boutique winery and vineyard with a nature trail winding along the ridge. This will be an unprecedented change. Never before have the consumers of Butte County, and the surrounding areas traveled to Paradise to enjoy recreation, shopping, wine tasting and fine dining.

Q. Where will the water come from? How much water will the vineyard require?
A. FHK will drill a well that is estimated to produce 400 gallons per minute. If the well operates 12 hours per day on average, it will produce approximately 280,000 gallons per day. FHK's project will use less than one third of this production. FHK has offered to give the well to PID [Paradise Irrigation District] to be used as needed. The vineyard will be primarily dry-farmed, using less water than average shrubs. This method produces better quality grapes with higher sugar levels, as well as providing a green landscape with a minimum amount of water usage.

Q. How will this affect our ecology?
A. For the first time Paradise will have a sewer treatment plant to support a commercial development. The wastewater will be reconditioned, recycled and then used for landscape irrigation. We will not have any septic system leach fields, which are major causes of nitrate buildup. The entire project will be done in accordance with EPA standards. We will also give entire use of a "scenic lookout" picnic area and parking lot to the community and to the Paradise and Tuscan Ridge Area Community Association to use for benefit festivals and craft fairs. 100% of the proceeds of these functions will go directly to help rehabilitate and build micro education centers and parking areas with trash and bathroom facilities in the Paradise and Tuscan Ridge recreation areas.

Q. Is this all of the information on this project?
A. No. More is expected to be added soon. If you have questions or desire further information, please contact the committee secretary Robin Rowe at (530) 876-0428. Please leave a message and someone will get back to you.

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