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"Congratulations on the great work!! You two are a credit to what Paradise really is about. Our community is proud to have you as residents."
    -- M. Grey (Butte County Sheriff-Coroner)

"I visited the Paradise page and found it to be most interesting. It held a lot of facts that were presented in an easy to follow manner. Attractive and well done!"
    -- C. Overbey (Big Ten Gold Maps)

"Great home page. Paradise must still be a nice place."
    -- L. Brooks (1st Town of Paradise Planning Director)

"You folks have done a magnificent job with this site. The picture gallery took me down some great memories of the town and my grandparents home. Thanks for the memories revisited ... I am envious of those of you lucky enough to live in such a truly beautiful place."
    -- R. Allen

"... wanted to compliment and thank you for providing such an excellent Web Page. I have reviewed web sites for cities and towns from Santa Barbara to Yreka and none were as comprehensive and informative as yours."
    -- R. Mitchell

"I visited your web page on Paradise, and am so happy to see a very comprehensive body of information on a community. The information can be obtained in a sensible sequence, and so far, all of the questions I had in my mind were answered in the page. (That must be the reason your FAQ has not grown significantly; that's because your page has almost everything.) I have been trying to get to know Paradise as my focus of interest in the past 9 months. And so far, the page has been most useful. Additionally, I would like to commend you on the beauty of photographs -- though I know that no photo can ever capture the beauty of nature. And it seems to be that Paradise has a lot of natural beauty to offer. Again, congratulations to all the people behind this page."
    -- C. Paner (San Juan, Phillippines)

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Please do not write us requesting literature about Paradise. We appreciate the requests of interest but are not in a position to mail this type of information. If you wish more information than what is provided in, write the

Paradise Ridge Chamber of Commerce
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Paradise, CA 95967

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