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Johnny Appleseed Days Festival

First Full Weekend in October

An October Event!

The second largest event on the Paradise Ridge is just around the corner. The annual Johnny Appleseed Days festival, recognizing the early 19th Century American folk (known as John Chapman) hero who traveled for decades across the Midwest planting apple seeds and encouraging settlers to plant apple orchards.

Its Beginning!

The first such celebration was in 1880 and was called the Harvest Home Festival. In October 1937 it was changed to the Paradise Fair and Apple Show, and lasted 5 days. A pyramid consisting of 15,000 apples was constructed in the middle of the Memorial Hall dance floor. An event causing great excitement was the unannounced arrival of the cast of The Adventures of Robin Hood which was being filmed in Chico's Bidwell Park.

The festival was discontinued during WW11 and resumed in 1951 as the Paradise Arts & Crafts Show. Then in 1968 it was designated Johnny Appleseed Day.

Apple Pies!

For the greatest collection of apple pies to eat, or buy and take home, this is the time and place. Ridge Fame and Fortune tells about the 10-foot diameter Apple Pie that was baked and served for this festivity in 1972.

The hundred's of pies sold at the festival are baked fresh locally with apples from Paradise's Noble Orchards. Volunteers work for days preparing the apples, making the pie dough and filling the pies with their delicious apple pie filling. Come out on the first weekend in October and try one for yourself.

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